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Single Family Dwelling Load Calculation

All load demands and calculations are based on NEC 2008 Article 220

STEP ONE: Square Footage

Enter Total Square Footage of Residence:

STEP TWO: Appliances and other loads

Managed? Enter All Appliances, Motors, and Low Power Factor Loads: Load
Total General Load:
Total Load From Steps 1 & 2 :
1st 10KW @ 100% Demand :
Remainder @ 40% Demand :  

STEP THREE: Air Conditioning and Heating

Managed? System # Cooling Load Heating Load


Total Calculated Load:

Minimum Generator Size:
If you're willing to do without some circuits for selected appliances or HVAC, Load Management makes it possible to use a smaller generator. Check the "Managed" boxes on up to four appliances and one HVAC system. Load managed circuits will not be available when power use elsewhere exceeds generator capacity.