Planning for an Emergency Is No Time to Take Shortcuts

How can you be sure your standby generator really is standing by?

In our experience, about a third of the generators we see for the first time aren’t ready to start because they haven’t been sized, installed, and maintained Properly

GPS-35Yrs-Kohler20Few things in life feel better than — when placed in a moment of testing and trouble — your forethought and planning allows you to sidestep all the aggravation, discomfort, and possible danger.

But few things are as aggravating as planning ahead only to have your back-up plan fail! Yet a shocking number of standby generators fail when they’re finally called on. Why?

Because if your standby generators aren’t properly sized, sourced, and installed, they simply won’t work the way you need when you need them.

In fact, you could say that we’re slightly obsessed with reliability.

Here’s how we make sure your system works for you when its moment of truth arrives.

Because Generator Power Systems is owned and operated by one of Houston’s most respected master electricians and we are known both for the quality of our work and the reliability of the standy power systems we put in place.


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Service & Maintenance

Providing regular maintenance for your standby generator power system ensures you enjoy years of reliable service. Generator Power Systems' trained technicians take the work out of maintaining your system. We recommend having them perform basic … [Read More...]

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We have been customers of Generator Power Systems for over 10 years now. Jim and Yvonne Fish are the owners and they and their team have consistently delivered EXCELLENT SERVICE!! During Hurricane Ike, we had a huge tree fall on our home which caused an issue with our generator. After calling for service, the technicians actually arrived at 6:30a, it was still dark and raining...I am not even sure that Hurricane Ike was completely over at that point. They have a commitment to their customers that you just don't find anymore. It is refreshing!!

Nancy G.

Nancy G.

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